Top 6 Indian Wedding Trends to Rock 2022

Indian Weddings are all about extravagance from lavish, picture perfect decors to culture rich-festivities full of grandeur and celebration. Weddings are a major business in India estimated to be around $40-50 billion in size. Unfortunately, this lucrative wedding business took a major hit during COVID and led to a number of cancellations and postponement of weddings on a large scale.

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To keep up with the pandemic, the weddings became smaller and fewer thereby changing the course of the weddings in India. Lets embrace the newness and look into the top wedding trends that we are likely going to see in the year 2022.

Mini-mony and Micro Weddings

While thinking about the kind of wedding people want during COVID times, Mini-mony or Micro Wedding is exactly the way to go. A mini-mony, a portmanteau of mini and ceremony is a super intimate wedding ceremony that has all the essence of a normal wedding but with a trimmed guest list. It is not only budget-friendly but also is a great opportunity for the couple to celebrate the most important day of their life with near and dear ones who really matter.

With a minimony, couples can have a more authentic and private wedding curated and personalized to their liking. They no longer have to stress over the pressure that comes with organizing a big wedding and instead focus on the little details of their minimony to give the guests the best wedding experience.

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The smaller guest list also makes it easier to reserve a wedding venue in short time notice. From a small backyard wedding to having a wedding in a national park with beautiful nature backdrop, micro weddings can give you a plethora of venue options to choose from – the possibilities are endless. With or without the pandemic, we are certain to see more intimate ceremonies and meaningful celebrations in the coming years.

Outdoor Weddings
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In the recent years weddings have become widely personalized, theme-oriented and decor-rich affairs. While outdoor events can be a little overwhelming to plan, it seems like the perfect base setting to start with. Although couples have experimented with different wedding themes in the past, they are now opting to go au naturel. Nature is key and a great inspiration for decors in outdoor weddings.

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Using earthy color palette of beige, brows and greens, while incorporating it with elements like leaves, twigs, and flowers, is the best way to achieve the desired ambience. We are certain that in 2022, we will be seeing wedding settings influenced by the beauty of the great outdoors and the use of nature elements to create a seamlessly blend decor with nature.

When we talk about outdoor weddings, we cannot miss the lightings. They effortlessly add a romantic, dreamy touch to any decor setting and there are a ton of different ways to incorporate them into your big day. From whimsical fairytale-like string lights, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, illuminated installations to dramatically lit entryways and periphery tree lightings, it can set the mood for your wedding day. Using them will ensure that your setting truly sparkles and brings all the decor elements to life.

Destination weddings
AEKTA AND SAMIR’S WEDDING IN CAP CANA (Credit: Shaadi Destinations)

Destination weddings are by no means a new trend but have become increasingly popular among people these days. The smaller guest count and the desire to host weddings in picture-perfect scenic locations are two of the many reasons why people are leaning towards this trend.

Destination weddings offer the couple and guests the perfect package of a wedding and vacation all in one. Many couples are opting to escape to nearby towns and cities instead of heading overseas for their perfect destination wedding. Weddings Villas, Island Weddings and complete resort buyouts are some of the biggest wedding trends that we might see this year.

Wedding Villas and resorts offering guest accommodation with all the amenities can allow the couple and guests to have complete privacy and exclusivity. It also enables the couple to host multi-day events and elevate the overall wedding experience.

Going big on entertainment

As couples shift gears to outdoor weddings, there is a new focus on entertainment to create extra special events. This allows them to pamper their guests and provide them with an experience of a lifetime.

Entertainment is not only limited to music and dance performances but also extended to include live music, circus acts, performances by renowned artists, magic shows, standup comedy, crowd-inclusive activities and much more.

Lightings are being used in innovative ways from disco ball lights, canopy of string lights, light accents in dim lit corners, vibrant LED dance floors to concept photo-booths to add that extra bit of fun.

Mindful Weddings
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Living in eco-conscious times, couples are looking to host sustainable eco-friendly weddings. If you are thinking about hosting one, it is necessary to be aware of the resources being used on your big day. The main aim is to curb the carbon footprint and have a ‘green wedding’. This can be achieved by consciously choosing eco-friendly venues, vendors, adding biodegradable or recyclable elements to your decor and ensuring zero wastage at the end of the day.

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From recycling the flowers, going plastic-free, sourcing locally, using recycled or virtual invitations to even choosing eco-friendly wedding dresses, you can make your wedding green in more ways than one. Making these small changes to your day can have a big impact on the surroundings.

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Breaking stereotypes

When it comes to Indian weddings, it is not all about the lavish ceremonies and magnificent decors but also the ancient traditions and customs that are followed since generations. The family traditions are performed honestly and respectfully and there is deep-rooted meaning in every tradition that is done at a wedding. However, due to changing times, it has led some of the couples to question some of the traditions.

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As couples are desiring to have more intimate and authentic weddings, they are choosing to opt out of or change certain traditions that is no longer meaningful to them. Their simple reasoning is that it does not align with the values they believe in as a couple. We can take a few examples from recent Bollywood weddings where celebrities are embracing what they believe in while breaking traditional barriers.

Actor Katrina Kaif recently got married to Vicky Kaushal in a big fat wedding in a mini-mony at Rajasthan, India. For the bridal entry, she broke traditions by letting her sisters carry the phoolon ki chadar (tr. a blanket of flowers) over her head which is usually carried by the bride’s brothers.

Actor Rajkummar Rao won a million hearts when he asked his now wife Patralekhaa to apply vermillion mark on his forehead. Vermillion mark or the sindhoor is a red powder is a symbol of matrimony that is first applied on the bride’s forehead by her husband on the day of their wedding. Although it seemed like it was unintentional, it was definitely a big step towards bringing in gender equality.

Wedding trends are always changing and its fun to see what we discover every year. That being said, your wedding is ‘your’ day and make sure you do it your way! Let us know your favorite trends in the comments below.

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